GT Webinar SBOM Curtis Nov 2022

December 6, 2022

With the September memo from the U. S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the EU’s proposed Cyber Resilience Act, the future of software release and acceptance requirements are taking shape. And with it, increasing focus on a software bill of materials (SBOM). With these emerging regulations and increasing reliance on software to transform our businesses, leaders are facing mounting pressure to provide greater visibility into their software, whether running on endpoints, mobile devices, embedded systems or firmware. And with this software, the embedded third-party and open source software (OSS) which warrant action in order to reduce risk throughout the development, delivery and deployment process. In this talk, we’ll revisit the origins of the SBOM and early use cases in software factories.  We’ll take a close look at the current state of SBOMs and the barriers to adoption in areas like DevSecOps, Third-Party Risk Management and SaaS services. We’ll also look at where SBOMs are going, and how these regulations are impacting the SDLC and DevSecOps. Please join Curtis Yanko, Principal Solution Architect at GrammaTech and one of the earliest adopters of SBOMs, and Chip Epps, GrammaTech’s product marketing leader with an extensive history in software management and security, to learn more about: - History of SBOMs - Evolution of SBOM use cases - Current challenges and barriers to adoption - Emerging regulatory requirements, and what they mean to publishers, and - Where are SBOM’s going and how we might get there.

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