Case Study: LACROIX Sofrel Partners with GrammaTech to Secure Water Networks

December 2, 2019 Mark Hermeling

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LACROIX SOFREL specializes in the design and construction of telemetry and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) products for district metering and leak detection on water supply networks.

After a benchmark of many available solutions, LACROIX Sofrel came to the conclusion that GrammaTech CodeSonar is the best possible solution for their needs. CodeSonar allows them to achieve analysis and remediation in a short amount of time. The cause of warnings are presented in detail, with execution path traces from root cause to warning location, making them understandable and easier to solve. The categorization and severity of warnings permit fast decision making about when to solve the warning (immediately or later).

To read the full case study, click the linked case study below.


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